Para Cá do Marão Embalagens Não! inaugurates Children's Eco-Park

Para Cá do Marão Embalagens Não! inaugurates Children's Eco-Park

The Project “Para cá do Marão embalagens não! within the scope of the actions foreseen in the Recycle section, acquired and installed an Children's Eco-Park built from recycled materials, mainly plastics, which is now available to all citizens.

This Eco-Park, installed in Quinta das Hortas, is equipped with equipment and structures with more than 80% of its constitution in recycled material, which thus fulfills one of the assumed objectives. 

With an investment of over sixty-four thousand Euros, this action of the environmental project undertaken by the Municipality and co-financed by the EEAGrants, is intended through this playground to continue the mission of raising awareness of the entire community for the need for sustainable habits and of the circular economy. Through the eco-park's informative panel, all visitors are invited to reflect on the return to the community that good environmental practices can result in, in addition to the benefits for natural ecosystems and general well-being. Basically, with this type of investment in recycled materials, the Municipality also intends to demonstrate to the youngest the benefits of recycling and the circularity of materials. 

These initiatives, which arose within the scope of the project “Para cá do Marão embalagens não!” and his mission for Environmental Education, the main objective was to call the youth population to rethink their days habits and to reflect on their contribution to the planet's ecological footprint. 

The project “Para cá do Marão embalagens não!” is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants and by the General Secretariat for the Environment.