Project #fishingtheplastic wins award

Project #fishingtheplastic wins award

The #fishingtheplastic project from Business as Nature, was the winner, in the Planet dimension, of the ODSlocal Award-Category Projects, 2022

The awards promoted by the ODSlocal Platform aim to distinguish inspiring sustainability projects and best practices of civil society and municipalities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations Agenda 2030.

The awards were delivered during the Conference 'Paths, Dynamics, Futures' that took place in Almancil, in the municipality of Loulé.

The Project #fishingtheplastic promoted by BUSINESS as NATURE in partnership with the Municipality of Ovar and funded by EEA Grants through the environment program, aims to raise awareness, in an innovative and consistent way, the main audiences that interact with the sea and whose activities and actions have potential impact on the flow of plastic in the oceans, from land-based activities, in order to:

  • create practices and habits for the prevention and reduction of plastics in the oceans, especially single-use plastics;
  • promote the transition to a circular economy;
  • contribute to the development of a more responsible and sustainable culture.