Project Oeste + Recicla machines go into operation

Project Oeste + Recicla machines go into operation

The deposit refund system for non-reusable beverage bottles and cans in the West Region came into operation today, which aims to increase the application of the principles of the circular economy in specific sectors, in production and consumption, through the implementation of a system of deposit and return of plastic bottles in all municipalities in the West Region.

When depositing beverage packages in the machines of the Oeste + Recicla Project, the final consumer will receive discounts on the West Region Road Transport Passes, an incentive that aims to contribute to the use of collective transport and to the achievement of carbon neutrality.

The objective is to ensure that packaging is sent for recycling and the production of high-quality recycled material, compatible with the necessary requirements for incorporation into the production of new beverage bottles, promoting the maximization of the circularity of recovered materials.

At the launch, held at the Torres Vedras Bus Terminal, attended the Mayor of Torres Vedras, Laura Rodrigues, the President of the Intermunicipal Community of the West and the City Council of Alenquer, Pedro Folgado, the Director of Services of the General Secretariat for the Environment, Susana Escária, the Executive Secretary of the Intermunicipal Community of the West, Paulo Simões, the representative of the Norwegian Partner, Inês Rocha, Mayors and Councilors of the West and Transport Operators.

From October 17th, 2022, the machines acquired under the 'Oeste +Recicla' Project start operating in the Municipalities of the West Region, a Project with an investment of 999,676.00 euros, co-financed 90% by EEA Grants. In all, 18 machines were distributed to the 12 municipalities of the West, whose location can be consulted at the link: Oeste + Recicla - Projeto - Oeste CIM