Project “Para cá do Marão embalagens não!” marks World Water Day with the H2O Expedition

Project “Para cá do Marão embalagens não!” marks World Water Day with the H2O Expedition

As a way of commemorating World Water Day, the Municipality of Vila Real, through the Vila Real Science Center, developed a campaign to raise awareness of the responsible use of water in all schools in the municipality, a natural resource of high value for the sustainability of the planet.

In a year in which there is so much talk about the lack of water, and the impact of the lack of water is already visible, we promoted activities aimed at valuing and discovering the value of water, through a pedagogical and didactic approach, which allowed to follow up on the themes
addressed within the scope of the school program, as well as raising awareness of the need to change attitudes towards water, the activities were carried out by more than 450 children, covering 23 4th grade classes belonging to 17 1st cycle schools.

In addition to the activities, the Municipality offered to all schools with the 1st cycle of basic education the Expedition H2O Kit, which includes various recreational-pedagogical activities with a view to valuing the resource of water and good environmental practices, so that the school
community continue, with this resource and independently, the work for the sustainable awareness of our students.

On World Water Day (March 22) a group of 5th grade students from Escola Diogo Cão visited the Science Center and carried out the activities proposed in the H2O Kit and held an awareness-raising action open to the general public.

These initiatives, which arose within the scope of the project “No to packaging from Marão!” and its mission for Environmental Education, its main objective was to call the young population torethink their day-to-day habits and reflect on their contribution to the planet's ecological

The project “Para cá do Marão, Embalagens não!” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants and the General Secretariat for the Environment.