ReBuild 17: Kick Off Webinar

ReBuild 17: Kick Off Webinar

The objectives and results of the Rebuild 17 project will be publicly presented in digital format on February 4th. There will also be a debate on waste originating in construction.

The Webinar "ReBuild 17: Constructing Circularity", will take place on February 4, in digital format, from 11 am (10 am in Azores time). In this session, the ReBuild 17 project will be publicly presented, which are its objectives and expected results, as well as raising awareness and promoting the debate on the challenges and opportunities in the scope of waste arising from construction and disposal and recovery processes.

The project intends to contribute decisively to the development of circularity in value chains, through the creation of a platform for the recovery of waste originating in the civil construction sector, in which the various stakeholders associated with the sector participate.

This project is financed by the EEA Grants under the Environment Programme at € 403,390.40, with a total funding of € 474,576.90.

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