Registration for the contest “Redes nas Redes” of the Fishing The Plastic project is open

Registration for the contest “Redes nas Redes” of the Fishing The Plastic project is open

The Fishing The Plastic project, promoted by Business as Nature in partnership with the Municipality of Ovar and financed by the Environment Programme of the EEA Grants, includes initiatives aimed at women in the fishing community. The contest “Redes nas Redes” will run between December and May 2021.

The contest “Redes nas Redes - Net2Net” aims to contribute to inspire, motivate and provide the community with the tools to ensure the continuity of these objectives, through the creation of workshops for the elaboration of recycled plastic parts.

The initiative is aimed at women from the fishing community living in the municipality of Ovar. The involvement and active participation of this target audience, as one of the stakeholders in the field of prevention and awareness raising for the reduction of marine litter and contribution to the circular economy, is fundamental for its potential in terms of raising awareness of these issues within the family and society. community itself.

It aims to produce new pieces using Precious Plastic technology and using marine plastic waste as a raw material, resulting from fishing activities, collected in nets and / or collected on the beach, thus promoting the principles of Circular Economy.

The competitors will participate in a Recycling / UpCycling Workshop, which will aim to transmit the necessary knowledge for the production of the articles / pieces, after which they will be able to start the design and production of their article / piece at the Precious Plastic Unit installed at the Ecocentro de Ovar.

The pieces produced will be evaluated by the public and by a Jury, with the best 3 being awarded, however, all participating women will have a participation prize made in marine plastic.

You can access the online registration form here.