Results of the project “Living the Climate in Baixo Alentejo”

Results of the project “Living the Climate in Baixo Alentejo”

The “Living the Climate in Baixo Alentejo” project effectively contributed to the implementation of Outcome 3 of the Environment Programme: “Increase resilience and responsiveness to climate change in specific areas.” and Output 3.1 “Adapting to climate change at local level”

The “Living the Climate in Baixo Alentejo” project took place between March 1st , 2021 and April 30rd, 2023, whose Promoter is the Intermunicipal Community of Alentejo (CIMBAL) with the partner Alqueva Development and Infrastructure Company (EDIA) and comprised the development of various actions in the following types of intervention:

  • Measure 1 – Conservation of hedges, bushes and arables. This measure aimed at ecological structures in the middle of the productive area and the establishment of biodiversity refuges for endangered species (arable and scrub).
  • Measure 2 – Restoration of temporary ponds, which correspond to habitat 3170*, one of the priority habitats in the habitat directive and which has been in sharp decline in national territory in recent decades.
  • Measure 3 – Restoration of riparian galleries. The restoration of water lines is essential for water conservation, soil preservation and purification of the pollution load of agricultural waters.
  • Measure 4 - Two Workshops with the aim of publicizing the project, its objectives, and results.
  • Measure 5 - Awareness campaigns.

The project, despite not having any entity from donor countries as a partner, intends to contribute to bilateral relations through communication actions.

You can consult the results of the project here, which includes the Manual for the Sustainable Management of Roadsides, which was made available to municipalities and landowners as a form of incentive and dissemination for the preservation of biodiversity identified on the roadsides of the study area.

For more information, you can also consult the Promoter's and the EEA Grants websites for the “Living the Climate in Baixo Alentejo” project.