Seminar “Environment Programme Projects for Climate Adaptation”

Seminar “Environment Programme Projects for Climate Adaptation”

The Seminar “Environment Program Projects for Climate Adaptation” will take place on May 23rd at the CCDR-A Auditorium, Évora, Alentejo, Portugal.

The Environment Programme promoted an Adaptation Discussion Forum, under Outcome 3 - Increased climate change resilience and responsiveness in targeted areas.

Two meetings were held at this forum. The first meeting took place on 10/05/2022, with the theme “Adaptation: from theory to practice”. The second meeting took place on 11/28/2023, with the theme “Adaptation: Governance and Impact”, the results of the two meetings can be consulted here -

The event will address the current situation of adaptation measures within a context of global action. Adaptation measures are concrete actions that reduce the risk of being affected by the impacts of climate change. Adaptation at local level and an integrated vision of the territory make it necessary to link territorial planning and climate change adaptation plans.

There must be an effort to move from planning to action, which involves publicizing the contribution of the Environment Programme for Adaptation to Climate Change in Portugal and discussing the results of the funded projects, which will be discussed in a plenary session in the morning and in a round table in the afternoon by the Promoters of projects financed by the EEA Grants Environment Programme.

The Seminar has simultaneous translation (PT/ENG).

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