Territorial Programme +SOLO +VIDA featured on RTP2

Territorial Programme +SOLO +VIDA featured on RTP2

Last Saturday, the Territorial Programme +SOLO +VIDA, supported by EEA Grants Portugal, was featured in the television programme "Faça Chuva, Faça Sol", broadcast on RTP2.

The report covered the initiative, interviewing representatives of the coordinating organisation, ADPM, and other project partners.

The main focus of the report was the problem of desertification and the environmental risks arising from climate change in the region. Solutions based on good agroforestry practices were presented, highlighting the participation and training of participating farmers, as well as the potential for replicating these practices.

The +SOLO +VIDA Territorial Programme aims not only to tackle the region's environmental and climate challenges, but also to promote a sustainable and resilient approach to agriculture. Publicising the project in this television programme provided a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of these issues and highlight the crucial role of initiatives supported by EEA Grants Portugal.

This highlight reinforces the ongoing commitment to finding innovative solutions to environmental and climate challenges, demonstrating how collaboration between different stakeholders can create a significant positive impact on our communities and the environment.

Watch the film here.