Webinar #4 – Priority Vulnerable Territories

Webinar #4 – Priority Vulnerable Territories

On January 20th, Webinar #4 – Priority Vulnerable Territories will take place within the scope of the project Adapta.Local.CIMAC - Planning of Municipal Climate Adaptation in Alentejo Central.

Webinar #4 is part of the Training Program in Climate Change Adaptation and it is dedicated to the technicians from the 14 municipalities of Alentejo Central.

The assessment and identification of impacts and future vulnerabilities and their cartographic and spatial representation allows the identification of priority vulnerable territories for which pilot actions of adaptation to climate change will be defined, with priority, experimental or demonstration/induction character.

The process involves converting data on current and future risk, sensitivity and adaptive capacity into a synthetic index, by type of risk and then obtaining its spatial representation at the parish scale. The identification of current and future risk areas is fundamental to define adequate safeguard measures, or to program the well-adapted occupation of vulnerable territories, taking into consideration not only historical data and the reference situation, but also projections of future climate scenarios.

The project has a duration of 24 months and it is co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants Portugal).

Led by CIMAC, in partnership with CEDRU and International Development Norway, the project's main objectives are to provide each municipality in Alentejo Central with a strategic and operational instrument for adaptation to climate change, to train municipal technicians in the field of climate adaptation and to increase the sensitivity and preparation of local and regional actors to deal with the implications of climate change.