Webinar “Circular Economy - How do we get there?” promoted by Tellus

Webinar “Circular Economy - How do we get there?” promoted by Tellus

On Earth Day it was presented the first event organized by the Tellus project, the Webinar “Circular Economy - How do we get there?”

The webinar was held in a round table format, the objective of which was to disseminate 5 projects and services in the ​​Circular Economy area, to bring together and to enhance inter-business and inter-individual collaborations.

You may watch webinar "Circular Economy: how did we get there?" HERE.


5 speakers from 5 projects / startups shared their experiences, their work and some practical advice on the concept of Circular Economy.


Filipa Gouveia - ECOnnect Portugal

João Campos - Humb. Consulting

Katia Stambolieva - Cosmos Pics

Marta Brazão - Circular Economy Portugal

Sandra Marques - Please Disturb Tourism Experts


The Tellus project is funded by Call# 2 of the EEA Grants Environment Program and it is proposed to create a pilot sustainable tourism facility leveraged on the concept of economy and circular construction in full cycle and that is recognized as a reference in the field of ​​tourism development sustainable as well as a model for similar new installations. Know more about the project HERE.