Bottle to Bottle

Bottle to Bottle

Promoter: Ecoibéria- Reciclados Ibéricos, S.A.



- Sociedade da Água de Monchique, S.A .

EEA Grants: 654 928,32

Total Amount: 818 660,40

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0017


This project, entitled "Bottle to bottle: circular economy for plastic bottles in Portugal" has as its main objective the increase of recycling of plastic bottles, through innovative solutions in this sector and modern technologies that will allow the reintroduction of a top quality raw material (recycled PET flakes), for the production of new plastic bottles.

The project is based on two complementary approaches: on the one hand, it is intended to provide Ecoiberia with a technologically advanced laboratory, so that PET flakes produced for the detection of potential contaminants and non-compliant materials, which may jeopardize the standards of security. Thus, the result will be a top-quality raw material, which will be used in the production of new plastic bottles (circular economy), reducing the percentage of plastic whose recycling process ends in downcyling and the percentage of plastic ending in the ocean. On the other hand, this project will introduce a highly innovative technology: laser flakes separator.

This laser separation technology will allow a much faster, efficient and intelligent sorting of the plastic, saving time, avoiding human error and producing a continuous flow of by-products (flakes contaminated by non-pet plastic or non-compliant colour) for later recovery for the production of food packaging and for the production of textile fiber.

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