Living Lab da Afurada

Afurada Living Lab

Promoter: CEDES - Centro de Estudos em Desenvolvimento Sustentável


- Município de Vila Nova de Gaia

- Gaiurb – Urbanismo e Habitação, EM

- CEiiA - Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento

- Ubiwhere, S.A.

- DST Solar

- Innovation Point - Investigação e Desenvolvimento, S.A.

- Watt-IS S.A.

- NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology







EEA Grants: 878 283,81

Total Amount: 975 870,90

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0052


The Afurada Living Lab project intends to assume itself as a territorial laboratory, for testing innovative technological solutions. Thus, through the formalization of a strategic partnership, a diverse range of public and private entities cooperate with each other, in the search and development of technologies that enhance the involvement and participation of the local community in solving urban challenges identified in Afurada. It is intended that this work will allow a reduction in carbon emissions and optimize the capacity to respond to climate change.

This is a territory with a strong identity in the territory of Vila Nova de Gaia, with particular emphasis on the local community that inhabits it, characterized by an intimate connection to fishing activity and by an intense experience and enjoyment of public space, which it is important to preserve and strengthen.

Indeed, due to recent territorial urban dynamics, with particular emphasis on tourist activity, this territory faces multiple urban challenges that require strategies that promote a harmonious articulation between modernity and tradition.

In this context, over a period of 4 years (2021-2024) a wide range of actions and activities will be implemented at Afurada focused on four Priority Areas:

i) Sustainable Urban Mobility

ii) Circular Economy and Environment

iii) Buildings and Energy

iv) Community, Management and Communication