Oeste + Recicla

Oeste + Recicla

Promoter: OesteCIM


- Empower AS

EEA Grants: 809 737,94

Total Amount: 899 708,82

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0015


In order to promote an increase of this nature in Portugal and taking into account the ambition of the new national and EU goals in this scope, the project intendeds to establish a system for refunding deposits for plastic bottles in Portugal, with the support of the EEA Grants.

The objective of the project is to increase the application of the principles of circular economy in specific sectors, in production and consumption, through the implementation of a Deposit and Return System for plastic bottles in all Municipalities in the Oeste Region - with the support of EEA Grants Portugal (Environment Program) and Empower's experience as a project partner organization.

The project is based on the implementation of a deposit refund system for bottles of non-reusable drinks that will increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging for consumer products, contributing to the objectives of MFEE 2014-2021, of the Environment Program and for the goals outlined in national policies in conjunction with local and regional strategies.

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