Small Grant Scheme#3

The call to finance white books to foster gender equality is open, with a total allocation of €552, 942

The Small Grants Scheme#3- White books/studies to foster gender equality, starts today with a total allocation of €552, 942 and will remain open until 30.06.2021, 18h00 (Lisbon time)

Priority areas:

  1. Impact of maternity on present and future incomes: assess the impact of maternity on wages, throughout women's professional careers and in their pensions, and ways to mitigate these impacts.
  1. Paid domestic work: analyze the Portuguese legal regime applicable to paid domestic work, in the light of ILO Convention no 189 contribute to a better understanding of the reality, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Intersectional and multiple discrimination: analyze how intersectional and multiple discrimination is framed within the Portuguese legal regime relating to the combat and protection against discrimination.

  3. COVID19- Gender Equality Impact and labour market challenges: analyze how the outbreak of the pandemic affects Portuguese families, namely the interconnections between telework, work-life balance and distribution of unpaid work between women and men in the coming years.

  4. Work-life balance public and private policies: analyze the processes and impacts of the policies developed under the national work-life balance programme (3 em Linha - Programa para a Conciliação da Vida Profissional, Pessoal e Familiar), in particular the impacts of the “Pacto para a Conciliação” which brings together public and private organizations that implement the Portuguese standard NP4552:2016

Any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations, established as a legal person in Portugal is considered eligible project promoter.

Under this Small Grants Scheme, the Programme Operator aims to attract applications from higher education institutions and research centers, but also social partners, central public administration entities, and other organizations specialized in methodologies concerning the priority areas.

Project teams must ensure the needed interdisciplinarity to cover all aspects identified in each thematic area, and should always including field researching, data collecting, and a comparative law and/or policy perspective.

The total amount available is €552, 942. The Minimum grant amount per project is €80.000 and Maximum grant amount per project is €116.117,82€.

The duration of projects is up to 18 months (in any case, expenditures incurred after 30 April 2024 shall not be eligible).