Equality Platform and Standard project – undergoing activities

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The Equality Platform and Standard (EPS) project is a pre-defined project (PDP) of the EEA Grants Work-life Balance Programme, managed by CIG and the EEA Grants, and has started in October 2019. Its goals are to promote gender equality and to tackle persistent gender gaps in the labor market, including wage inequality between women and men.

The Project donor countries partners are the Directorate of Equality of Iceland and the Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud of Norway.

To date, two workshops have been held along with partners:

  • The first on the Icelandic Standard, ÍST 85: 2012 – Equal wage management system – Requirements and guidance, took place in Reykjavík, with the participation of all partner entities.
  • The second on monitoring the implementation of public policies in the field of gender equality in the labor market, which took place in December 2020, by videoconference. The Swedish Gender Equality Agency and Bufdir – The Norwegian Directorate for Equality presented their experience and work in the field of monitoring public gender equality policies.

The work on drafting the Portuguese Standard, Management System for Equal Remuneration between Women and Men began in September 2020 with the constitution of the Technical Committee for Standardization, CT 216, with 27 members, including representatives of the social partners, the public administration, academia, and certifying entities.

Within this Commission, four working groups were created:

Legislation and applicable law in the area of equal pay;

Methodology for determining and measuring the value of jobs and instruments to support their implementation;