Focus Group Session of the Oeste + Igual Project

C Focusgroup Oestemaisigual

On May 25th the focus group session of the Oeste + Igual project took place. The project, under the Work-life Balance Programme, operated by CIG,  aims to be a pilot project in the implementation of policies and good practices in the areas of Gender Equality and Reconciliation of Professional, Family, and Personal Life.

The activity started at 10 am and was attended by the Project team, Municipal Focal Points, companies, and associations in the West Region.

In the opening session, Paulo Simões, First Executive Secretary of OesteCIM, thanked everyone for their presence and highlighted the importance of the Project for the achievement of the United Nations' goal of sustainable development, Gender Equality.

This was followed by the Portuguese Association for Diversity and Inclusion, represented by Mónica Canário, who presented the Charter for Diversity, an initiative of the European Commission created with the aim of encouraging employers to implement and develop internal policies and practices to promote diversity and equal opportunities at work.

Then it was up to Susana Almeida, from SHL Portugal, to streamline the analysis of the Portuguese policies underlying the 3 em Linha Program for the Reconciliation of Professional, Personal, and Family Life 2018-2019. The objective of the initiative was to promote a SWOT analysis, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats existing in companies and institutions in the West Region with regard to gender equality and the reconciliation of professional, family, and personal life.

At the end of the focus group session, a summary report of the main measures to be implemented in the West Region is expected.