It Happened – Launch of the Project NO!


The Benfica Parish Council celebrated the 8th of March 2021, International Women's Day, with the launch of Project NO!, financed by EEA Grants, under the Work-life balance Programme, operated by CIG.

The event consisted of a webinar, open to the community, about domestic violence and violence against women. To reflect on the complexity of domestic violence, speakers from the different areas of intervention were invited. We had the presence of the President of Associação Dignidade, Eng.ª Paula Sequeira, with Commissioner Maria Dantier, Coordinator of Proximity Policing at the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon. Then, with Dr. Clara Sottomayor, Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, and, finally, with Dr. António o Castanho, Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Specialist Psychotherapist.

At the opening of this event were Dr. Ricardo Marques, President of the Parish Council of Benfica, and Dr. Carla Rothes, Member of Social Rights.

Representing the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) operator of this EEAGrants programme, was Dr. Joana Marteleira.

To review the event go to the link: