National Statistical System on Gender Equality Project seminar

C Ine Julho

Within the scope of the EEA Grants National Statistics System on Gender Equality project, Statistics Portugal is promoting a seminar on July 7th, which will be held in virtual mode. The seminar contains two events.

The morning event focuses on the Presentation of the project and the results already achieved in the three actions that comprise it, namely:

  1. Review of the Gender Database.
  2. Carrying out the Fertility Survey.
  3. Development of a report on the methodology to be adopted, interview methods, and the most suitable technological solutions in a future Time Use Survey (in partnership with the Norwegian Institute of Statistics).

Representatives of the Donor countries will attend the event, as well as EEA Grant's national entities, and the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality will close the event.

In the afternoon event, Fertility, Demography, and Public Policies, the results of the 2019 Fertility Survey will be presented and discussed, the articles of a specific publication will be presented and there will be a discussion panel on the importance of the results for society and monitoring and design of public policies.

The Minister of State and of Presidency will close the session.

The project National Statistics System on Gender Equality, financed by EEA Grants under the Work-life Balance Programme, operated by CIG,  is promoted by Statistics Portugal. Its main goal is to revise the Gender Database (BDG) currently under development by Statistics Portugal. It is intended that all users and society, in general, have an information system covering various dimensions of (in)equality between women and men.