Participo! Theatre of the Oppressed Group


The project EEA Grants Participo! of the Work-life Balance Programme, operated by CIG, created the Theatre of the Oppressed Group Participo! directed to women from the parishes of Aldoar, Foz do Douro, and Nevogilde.

The Theatre of the Oppressed is a set of theatrical techniques, exercises, and games that breaks the invisible wall between the stage and the spectators, between the problems we live day by day and the alternatives we can construct to intervene in society.

Through the techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed, the group intends to be a space of encounter, sharing, and reflection on the problems that are common to women in their daily lives.

The dress rehearsal of this Theatre Group will take place on the 24th of May in the auditorium of the Association of Residents of the Pasteleira Social Neighbourhood.

Participo! is an Open Call #5 project: Intervention projects to promote gender equality at a local level.