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ROLE TO PLAY: Women Leadership - The success PROMOCIONA – why?

Last May and June, CIP, in partnership with NovaSBE, organized two online events with Promova participants, labelled as Digital Get Together.

At May's Digital Get Together, under the theme Role to Play Women Leadership, after some debate among the participants, some conclusions were drawn about the concerted way of narrowing the gender gap in the leadership positions of companies.

The discussion focused on issues such as education, the need to increase flexibility in working hours and to implement  family support measures, work to change the mindset for sharing family responsibilities, strengthen female networking and, at the personal level, work at self-confidence, determination, awareness of competences and the reduction of prejudice.

In June, the 3rd and last Digital Get Together was held before the start of the on-site training program, under the theme Promociona Success - Why? With the participation of two very special guests, Susana Sanchiz Cabana, Director of Proyeto Promociona, in Spain, and Mariana Norton dos Reis, Partner of Cuatrecasas and participant in the 3rd edition of Promociona.

For Susana Cabana, the success of Proyeto Promociona is essentially due to the quality of the participants and the commitment of companies in monitoring their candidates. The numbers that prove the success are there: 834 participants, 600 companies and a promotion rate of 51%.

Mariana Norton dos Reis, Partner of Cuatrecasas, was working in Barcelona when, in 2015, she decided to participate in the 3rd Edition of Proyeto Promociona and, as she has already told us in confidence “there is a before and an after of the participation in Promocona”.

Although the on-site training program starts on the 1st of July, at NovaSBE, in Carcavelos, with the duration of 3 days, all the Promova participants have already done in march the 360ª assessment in leadership competencies and almost all of them have already had their first Coaching Session.

The Promova Project is a Pre-Defined Project (PDP) of the “ “Work-life Balance" Programme.