Promoting gender equality in senior positions


CIP President António Saraiva highlights Project Promova as an opportunity and a new approach in promoting gender equality.

New solutions and opportunities for women in leadership positions

The President of CIP, António Saraiva, welcomed the 30 participants of the Project Promova at the launch of the training programme that took place at Nova SBE, in Carcavelos at the beginning of July, stressing the importance of promoting gender equality in companies.

António Saraiva highlights the Promova Project as the search for new solutions in order to give women the opportunity to achieve leadership positions in the private sector.

Project Promova is an executive training programme aimed at women, focusing on promoting female talent with leadership potential to top management positions, contributing to reduce the gap in gender equality and to break barriers, which still exist, in the access to top positions in companies.

It is developed within the scope of a Pre-Defined Project (PDP) of the Work-life Balance Programme managed by CIG and funded by EEA Grants.