Rede Pares launches serie of workshops on violence against women and domestic violence

Workshop Rede Pares C

Rede Pares, a project financed by the EEA Grants under the Work-life Balance programme, operated by CIG, opens a series of online workshops that will take place between March and June.

The Peer Network aims to empower and facilitate the civic participation of women who have been or are the target of violence. The project aims to provide the necessary support for survivors to become self-representatives and to influence best practices, services, and policies on gender violence, domestic violence, discrimination, or harassment.

The first Workshop on 'Community-based approach for Interpersonal Violence advocates: Thinking comprehensively about survivors' lives' will take place on March 24, between 17:00 and 18:00. Nicole Allen of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, professor and researcher on organizational and systems change processes in the area of interpersonal violence and sexual assault is the keynote speaker for this workshop.

The hosts and facilitators of the debate will be Maria Vargas-Moniz, from ISPA, and Felismina Mendes, from ACVS, the promotor organization, and partner of the Rede Pares project. The project also includes other partnerships, Casa do Brasil de Lisboa and Taipa (Portuguese associations) and WOMEN in Iceland.
This workshop aims to reflect on the importance of promoting change in the contexts that influence the trajectory of women survivors of violence, particularly in the justice and social intervention systems.

Other workshops will follow on topics such as the involvement of men in programs to prevent violence against women, gender violence and multiple discrimination, the National Network to Combat Domestic Violence, among others. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

The recipients of the workshops are professionals from NGOs, from services that deal with women survivors of violence, health and mental health professionals, students, among others.

Registrations for the first Workshop on March 24th can be made through the following link:

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