Studies on the economic impact of inequalities between men and women ready to move forward


The three projects approved under Small Grant Scheme #1 will be signed in September.

A new stage for Small Grant Scheme #1

The Small Grant Scheme #1 call - which forsees the elaboration of studies that analyze the economic impact of inequalities between women and men - enters a new stage following the approval of three projects scheduled to be officially signed next September. With a total value of € 172,000, all three projects will contribute to ensure equal opportunities for men and women in the labour market, in line with the first main goal of the EEA Grants' Work-life Balance Programme.


Three projects, three major priority areas

The three approved projects represent each of the three priority areas, respectively. The project presented by the CES of the University of Coimbra focuses on the area of occupational segregation, while the ISEG - School of Economics & Management's project represents the area of pay gap. As for the project presented by CESIS, it will focus on the value of unpaid work (domestic and care).
The three Portuguese project promoters will develop their studies during 18 months in collaboration with partners from Donor Countries (Norway and Iceland).


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