PDP4 - Gender Equality Opportunities in Senior Management

Project Promova

Promoter: Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP)


Norwegian Equality and Antidiscrimination Ombud (LDO)

EEA Grants: 100,000

Total Amount: 111,111


What is the project about?

The Project Promova - Gender Equality Opportunities in Senior Management aims to identify and develop female talent with leadership potential, with the objective of fostering the access to top management positions in companies, thereby contributing to reduce the gender equality gap and to break down barriers, which still exist, in accessing leadership positions.


What will it achieve?

  • Foster the access of highly qualified women to executive positions in private organizations.

  • Strengthen the knowledge and skills of women who aim at achieving positions involving greater responsibility and impact, by supporting them to become inspiring leaders with the ability to produce innovative changes to their own careers and organizations.

  • Build a network that connects participants with specialists and guest speakers as well as with each other.

  • Develop individual plans to achieve pre-established professional targets, encouraging transitions to executive positions. To achieve this goal, each participant will be given customized mentoring.

  • Contribute actively for awareness-raising within companies regarding the benefits of gender balance in top management positions.

  • Raise awareness within companies, people and society for the topics under the theme “work-life balance and gender equality” in order to overcome cultural barriers that prevents women from competing on equal terms for top management positions.


Working together for a competitive and inclusive Europe

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Through this project, 103 companies were contacted and 38 face-to-face meetings were held. 23 companies were selected to be part of the Training Program, with the following results:

• 22 participating companies;
• 32 female leaders who completed the training project;
• Around 45% of the participants have already been promoted in their companies