PDP6 - By your side – Breaking the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence

By your side

Promoter: National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and the Protection of Children and Young People (CNPDPCJ)


GNR – National Republican Guard

PSP – Public Security Police

DGE - General Directorate of Education

DGS - General Directorate of Health

ISS.IP - Institute of Social Security

OPP - The Portuguese Psychological Association

CIS - Centre for Social Research and Intervention, ISCTE, IUL

Stine Sofies Foundation

EEA Grants: 200.000

Total Amount: 200.000


What is the project about?

By your side – Breaking the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence project aims to establish an early-intervention model for children witnessing domestic violence and their families, to address trauma, promote prevention and break the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence. The project will complement the interventions for the mothers who are domestic violence victims.

What will it achieve?

  • Immediate support and response, to children, on the day(s) following the episode of domestic violence registered by the police or other stakeholder, in articulation with their family members, taking into account that the perpetrator is usually part of this family unit.
  • Preventive action against the normalization gender-based violence and breaking victimization and aggression cycles.
  • Specialized response to children who lose their parents or legal representatives in a homicide in the context of domestic violence.
  • Coordinated intervention between the national child and youth protection system and the national support network for victims of domestic violence, within their respective competences.

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