bridGEs: Alto-Minho companies for Gender Equality


Promoter: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP)


CEVAL – Alto Minho Business Confederation

KUN - Centre for Equality and Diversity

Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez

BorgWarner Emissions Systems Portugal

EEA Grants: 240,832

Total Amount: 240,832



What is the project about?

The project bridGEs: Alto-Minho companies for Gender Equality aims to create/adapt and test instruments to measure and study gender inequalities in work organisations, involving the direct and active participation of organisations. Since the project's actions are essentially directed at the business sector, it is of utmost importance for companies to participate in this process, contributing from the outset to the co-construction of the products addressed to them, analysing their feasibility and feasibility in their contexts and anticipating obstacles and ways to overcome them. 

It is an Open Call #1 project: System for assessing the value of work and pay and development of instruments for measuring gender inequalities in work organizations.


Working together for a competitive and inclusive Europe


  • Creation of a website and Facebook and Instagram pages, with weekly publications.
  • Three communication events: Opening Conference, bridGEs MeetUp and Final Conference, involving a total of 116 people and around thirty organisations.
  • Two training actions on gender equality (58h each): 27 professionals from 8 companies of Alto Minho were certified. The vast majority (85%) of people who participated in the trainings report a transforming impact of the actions, both in their professional lives and in the organisations they are part of, as well as in their personal lives.
  • Three tools for analysing inequalities developed with and for organisations: Matrix for Inclusive Communication Analysis; Attitudes Scale on the Promotion of Equality and Non-Discrimination in Work Contexts; Questionnaire on Equality Practices in Social and Community Intervention
  • Consultancy and tailor-made intervention in the organisational context with 5 organisations from Alto Minho: application of instruments, diagnosis, follow-up/support to the implementation of equality measures.
  • Bilateral cooperation with Norway: visits, with the partner KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity, to various companies and public entities in southern Norway with good practices in gender equality; organisation, by the Director of KUN, of a workshop on sexual harassment in higher education institutions, held in Porto; KUN's intervention at the project's closing conference, held in Viana do Castelo.
  • Dissemination of knowledge, results and products generated by bridGEs project: 4 scientific articles written; 6 participations in national and international scientific events, with the presentation of 5 posters and 3 oral communications.