Igual-Pro Project - Professions are not gendered

Igual-Pro Project - Professions are not gendered

Promoter: Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE)


Centro de Estudos Sociais (CES) da Universidade de Coimbra

Associação para o Planeamento da Família (APF)

Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, IP (IEFP)

Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins (CECOA)

Centro de Formação da Indústria Eletrónica, Energia, Telecomunicações e Tecnologias da Informação (CINEL)

Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria Têxtil, Vestuário, Confeção e Lanifícios (MODATEX)

Inete - Instituto de Educação Técnica

Odalen Næringshage AS

EEA Grants: 240.100

Total Amount: 240.100


What is the project about?

The research-action project IgualPro - Professions have no gender aims to combat gender segregation in educational and vocational choices of girls and boys and the consequent segregation of professional choices, through the deconstruction of gender stereotypes associated with different study areas and respective professions, with a special focus on training areas where there is effective segregation between girls and boys.

It is an Open Call#2 project: projects fighting gender segregation in educational and professional choices and discrimination in the labour market


Working together for a competitive and inclusive Europe


  • A scientific study and a Policy Brief about the stereotypes associated with the professional choices among young people attending IEFP Professional Courses and Professional Training Centres with a protocol established with the IEFP, with the aim of promoting the deconstruction of stereotypes associated with professions where greater segregation by gender is confirmed;
  • A training Toolkit based on the study and the methodology to be developed within the project;
  • A national awareness campaign on combating gender stereotypes in the choice of professions, aimed at young men and women and public in general.