Network of Local Authorities for Equality

Network of Local Authorities for Equality

Promoter: Questão de Igualdade - Association for Social Innovation


Municipality of Aljezur

Municipality of Amadora

Municipality of Cascais

Municipality of Loulé

Municipality of Mangualde

Municipality of Odemira

Municipality of Palmela

Municipality of Póvoa do Lanhoso

Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia

Centre for Gender and Equality at the University of Adger

EEA Grants: 124.065

Total Amount: 137.850



What is the project about?

The project Network of Local Authorities for Equality aims to create a network for equality, involving a partnership composed by 9 Municipalities representing different portuguese regions: Amadora, Cascais, Palmela, Vila Nova de Gaia, Mangualde, Póvoa de  Lanhoso, Loulé, Aljezur e Odemira.

It is an Open Call #5 project: Intervention projects to promote gender equality at local level.


What will it achieve?

  • Establish a network of municipalities to learn from each other in order to improve the equality between women and men and work life balance, identifying existing good practices and creating positive and innovative actionable measures to be incorporated by other municipalities. 

  • Empowering project partner municipalities to implement and validate a set of methodologies and tools to promote gender equality and work-life balance in the municipalities.

  • Promote community forums, with the population and local public and private entities, in order to listen to their perceptions and needs in matters of equality and non-discrimination between women and men, and work-life balance.

  • Promote a final seminar to disseminate project products and outputs.


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