Oeste + Igual

Promoter: Intermunicipal Community of Oeste (OesteCIM)


Senter for likestilling - Universitetet i Agder (Centre for gender and Equality - CGE – University of Agder)

EEA Grants: 249,858

Total Amount: 249,858



What is the project about?

The Oeste + Igual project aims to create a sharing of experiences and good practices in the areas of Work-life Balance and Gender Equality between the Centre for Gender and Equality of Norway and the WEST Region of Portugal (OesteCIM), which encompasses twelve Municipalities. These shared experiences will allow the partners to design effective policies based on the capitalization and scalability of previous EEA-Grants projects, meeting identified needs, optimizing the use of resources, constantly measuring the impact of measures implemented and disseminating the project results to other regions.

It is an Open Call #5 project: Intervention projects to promote gender equality at local level.


What will it achieve?

  • Participative Diagnosis, on a municipal and territorial level, of the Oeste Region, regarding Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality issues, in close connection with the West Network for Social Innovation and the Center for Gender and Equality (University of Agder - Norway).

  • Strengthening of the bilateral relations between beneficiary and donor countries through an exchange between Portuguese and Norwegian partners for sharing of good practices of gender equality and work-life balance, previously tested in Norway.

  • Capitalization of results of the Local Gender Equality project (EEA Grants 2009-2014).

  • Creation of the Observatory for Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality.

  • Implementation of policies and good practices in the areas of Gender Equality and of Work-Life Balance.


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