Project "Inês = Pedro?"

Project "Inês = Pedro?"

Promoter: Municipality of Alcobaça


School Group of São Martinho do Porto


CPCJ - Alcobaça

EEA Grants: 56,223

Total Amount: 56,223



What is the project about?

The Project "Inês = Pedro?" aims to contribute to the realization of ENIND through various actions in the context of formal education (AESMP/EPADRC) and informal (CPCJ Alcobaca), with the aim of "ensuring conditions for education and free training of gender stereotypes "and" prevent/reduce violence in interpersonal relationships. The implementation of this project aims to simultaneously strengthen and enrich the existing local strategies of promotion and training of socio emotional competence in younger people, in support of victims of domestic violence (GAVVD) and professional training in active and parents/families.

It is a Small Grant Scheme#2 project - Prevention projects for children and young people and promoting non-violent masculinities.


What will it achieve?

  • Direct intervention in children from kindergarten. 

  • Direct intervention in children of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

  • Direct intervention in young people of middle school and high school.

  • Training of teatchers and non-academic staff.

  • Empowerment of parents/families.

  • The goals are set for flow binding to perceptions of gender equality and non-violence, to the change of stereotypes and attitudes/aggressive behavior, specifically, the increase in the number of gipsy girls in school attendance; the decrease of aggressive behaviors and the inclusion of concrete actions in the area of citizenship education.


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