(Re) Design Affections

(Re) Design Affections

Promoter: Association for the Integrated Development of the City of Ermesinde (ADICE)


Centre for Gender and Equality

Alfena School Group

Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Junta de Freguesia de Alfena

Atlético Clube Alfenense

EEA Grants: 54,000

Total Amount: 60,000


What is the project about?

The project (Re) Design Affections is focused in the intervention from the school context, to involve all of society to value the importance of eliminating gender inequalities since childhood until adolescence, through an educational process developed in the school context, extending to family and social environment.

It is a Small Grant Scheme#2 project - Prevention projects for children and young people and promoting non-violent masculinities.



  • Execution of 18 animation workshops, involving 357 children from the 1st cycle (201 males and 156 females).
  • Conduction of 44 (in)formative and awareness workshops, attended by 762 children and youth from the 2nd cycle to secondary education (410 males and 352 females), along with 65 operational assistants (5 males and 60 females), and 62 parents/guardians (4 males and 58 females).
  • Organization of two Career Fairs with the participation of 1069 children and youth (651 males and 518 females).
  • Organization of two Sports Activities Fairs, involving 1073 children and youth (602 males and 741 females). Creation of 19 short films authored by 659 children and youth (344 males and 315 females).
  • Establishment of a School for Equality Ambassadors, with 30 sessions involving 637 students (339 males and 298 females).
  • Development of a co-created website in collaboration with 3 vocational education students. Formation of a Volunteer Bank with the participation of 168 students (97 males and 71 females).