The value of unpaid work for women and men - care work and domestic work

The value of unpaid work for women and men

Promoter: CESIS - Center for Studies for Social Intervention


Institutt for samfunnsforskning

Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE)

EEA Grants: 52,388.00

Total Amount: 58,208.89



What is the project about?

The project The value of unpaid work for women and men - care work and domestic work fulfills the objectives of MFEEE 2014-2021, contributing to the achievement of its Objective 1 and Output 1.4. It is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular with SDG 5 - Target 5.4, but also with SDG 4 and SDG 8, and with the National Strategy for Equality and Non-Discrimination (ENIND) 2018-2030, in its Action Plan for Equality between Women and Men (PAIMH) 2018-2021, namely with Axis 2 - 'Full and equal participation in the public and private sphere', Guideline 2.3 - 'Promotion of equality in times related to paid work and unpaid support for family life performed by women and men, and appreciation of work related to care '. It contributes to the pursuit of Strategic Objective 1 - 'To guarantee a governance that integrates the fight against discrimination on grounds of sex and the promotion of IMH in policies and actions, at all levels of the PA' and the respective Specific Objective 1.1 - 'To guarantee information, including statistical data, of quality, disaggregated by sex ', as well as of Strategic Objective 2 -' Guarantee the conditions for full and equal participation of women and men in the labor market and in professional activity 'and the respective Specific Objective 2.3 - 'To guarantee protection in parenting and promote the reconciliation between professional, personal and family life'. This project is also consistent with the 3 in Line - Program for the reconciliation of professional, personal and family life 2018-2019, in particular with its Measure 26 - 'The value of care'.

It is a Small Grant Scheme #1 project - Studies on the economic impact of gender equality.

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Project ‘The value of unpaid work by women and men – care work and domestic work’ has fully accomplished its objectives and its results were described and made available in different outputs (in Portuguese).

The Project contextualised the theme of unpaid care and domestic work in terms of the evolution of family structures, fertility and care needs. It has also analysed the (in)accessibility of the private contracting of services, as well as the public policies in place granting rights regarding care provision. Finally, it analysed existing gender asymmetries in unpaid care and domestic work on the basis of time use studies in Portugal.

The Project then estimated the consumption of unpaid care work in the present and in the short and medium term, based on prospective scenarios regarding the demand of care till 2050 (Factsheet 1).

Furthermore, it estimated the monetary value of unpaid care and domestic work using different methods (Factsheet 2), as well as its contribution for Portugal’s economy in general and for the GDP in particular (Factsheet 3).

Finally, the Project has systematised a set of Recommendations of Public Policy which integrate proposals for concrete intervention on the basis of a gender-sensitive transformative approach that advocates the recognition of care as a human right (Factsheet 4).

The several results were presented and widely discussed in focus-groups with the participation of about 20 experts and also during the Project’s Conference, which was held in Lisbon, on 19 May 2022 with several dozens of participants in presence. A Synthesis of the project’s results was distributed to each and every participant. A Brochure including all the project’s results was made available online.