YES Equality

Promoter: Municipality of Felgueiras



Salta Fronteiras Association

Intermezzo Ungdom

EEA Grants: 111,741

Total Amount: 111,741



What is the project about?

The YES Equality project, in line with the objectives of the program and the identified needs of the Work-life Balance Program, proposes to develop a range of innovative actions that focus on specific areas such as contributing to "Ensure the civic and political participation of women" by promoting equality between women and men at local and regional level. The actions planned with young people go in the same direction, aiming to sensitize them but also to enable them to replicate and reinvent strategies in their professional contexts.

It is an Open Call #5 project: Intervention projects to promote gender equality at local level.


What will it achieve?

  • Development of a sociological study of the territory (PT and NO), with the objective of evaluating the perception of gender inequalities in terms of civic, associative, political and professional participation.

  • Definition of strategic priorities by the YES Equality network, involving (Associations, Schools, Companies).

  • Training of leaders in Gender Equality and intervention, empowering women and girls for participation and leadership with the objective of generating impact, in local organizations and partners.

  • Kit of social innovation and gender equality, through a practical manual for equality, with results of studies, success cases, strategies and tools for participation.

  • Development and dissemination of the YES Equality app, promoting the project and sharing the experience of the trained leaders, promoting awareness of actions, with resources and work flow dynamics.


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