CLEANBIZ - Power-up Anti-bribery for Human Rights and Sustainable Development

CLEANBIZ - Power-up Anti-bribery for Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Promoter: Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica


Transparency International Norway;
Transparency International Iceland;

EEA Grants: 11 557,17 €

Total Amount: 12 841,30 €

Grace Code: PT-BI040


What did this initiative focus on?

The Cleanbiz initiative aims to foster business sector participation and commitment to Human Rights and Sustainable Development by extending corporate social responsibility principles aimed at implementing good corporate governance and sustained efforts against illegal and unethical competitive practices.

Foreign bribery, in particular, appears to be an area where change is slow and there are a number of obstacles to overcome.

Through the business integrity conceptual framework, and with a clear focus on combating foreign bribery, the project hopes to achieve the following key objectives:

Connect the business and sustainable development and anti-corruption agendas following the recommendations of the UN WG on Business and Human Rights;

Incorporate human rights due diligence linked to anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures at the corporate compliance level;

Support implementation and compliance with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention by combining human rights and anti-corruption compliance and due diligence in awareness raising and training targeting the corporate sector;

Strengthen safeguards against foreign bribery in order to prevent and mitigate the risks of human rights violations in the international trade and investment of Portugal, Norway and Iceland.

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