SEED Keepers - Good Practices Manual on Seed Conservation

SEED Keepers

Promoter: Keep – Knowledge for Peace, People and the Planet, Association


CFE - Centre for Functional Ecology - Science for People & the Planet - University of Coimbra;

KVANN - Norwegian Seed Savers, Norway.

EEA Grants: 10 434,83 €

Total Amount: 11 594,26 €

Grace Code: PT-BI060


What did this initiative focus on?

The SEED Keepers project's main objective is to contribute to mitigate the loss of biodiversity through the implementation of activities that disseminate the importance of seed conservation and seed banks.

Seed banks are indispensable due to the great diversity of plants they constitute. In addition to their value in ensuring the future of plant biodiversity, their potential role as a strategy for science and education is also enormous. Seed banks are excellent tools for promoting knowledge about biological diversity and can demonstrate a direct link between the evolutionary processes of plants and their application over time, such as food production, agriculture or cultural traditions.

Given the natural and anthropogenic factors that threaten biodiversity and the conservation of many habitats and species, there is an urgent need to improve knowledge and strengthen the awareness of younger generations in recognising the link between the real consequences of this loss and sustainability.

The SEED Keepers project aims to contribute to mitigate the loss of plant biodiversity by training teachers and students on the creation of seed banks and plant conservation.

Within the scope of this initiative, a Manual of Good Practices on Seed Conservation will also be produced by an environmental engineer specialised in environmental education and made available for consultation and free download.

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