Faroboats presented the live worldwide premiere of the Faro Powerdock®

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The FaroBoats project aims to reduce the number of boats with combustion engines by presenting a fully autonomous and environmentally friendly solution


After two years of research, development and prototype building, Faroboats presented on the 30th of June the live worldwide premiere of the Faro Powerdock®, the first fully autonomous and self-sustainable solution for electric boating in the world.

Santo Amaro Docks is the very same area from which the Portuguese launched their caravels to sail across the oceans five centuries ago, to reveal the new Faro Powerdock® and to see live in action!

The EEA Grants Blue Growth Programme team was present at the closing event of the FaroBoats Solar Kit Solution Project and congratulated the Eblueboat Promoter for the results achieved, the good execution, achievement and success of the Project!.

One of the great challenges of the nautical sector is its evolution towards environmental sustainability. The growing increase in air pollution has restricted the use of combustion engines in many lakes, rivers and canals, so the demand for the use of renewable energy engines has grown considerably. This trend of decarbonization has created new needs, such as charging batteries with clean energy.

The FaroBoats Solar Set Solution Project aims to reduce the number of boats with combustion engines and give private and maritime-tourist companies, who travel in more sheltered waters and with boats up to 5m, the possibility to have a totally autonomous and environmentally friendly solution.

To this end, the production of a fiberglass boat with an exclusive and innovative design, incorporating a 100% electric motor. A loading dock for solar and wind energy also was developed associated with the boat, which, in addition to charging the batteries with renewable energy, allows the vessel to be removed from the water, protecting it from the weather. The fact that the dock does not require connection to the public power grid, allows it to be placed where access to the electricity grid does not exist, making the whole boat and dock 100% autonomous.