Ocean Literacy for All

Noticia Literacia Big

Ocean Literacy Workshop to support SGS #3 of the Blue Growth Programme – EEA Grants

Understanding the influence of the Ocean on us and our influence on the Ocean is a crucial step to know how to communicate, act and make responsible and informed decisions about the ocean. This is the essence of Ocean Literacy.

Actions originating on individuals, from the civil society, governments or the private sector have an influence on the future of the Ocean. It is increasingly urgent to promote a new global awareness that leads us towards a blue society.

Across the globe and through different strategies (awareness campaigns, documentaries, festivals, conferences, science outreach, school projects, training, etc.), Ocean Literacy has been promoted at a local, national or international scale.

Topics such as sustainable fishing, marine litter, Blue Economy, marine technology, the sea as inspiration and leisure, marine protected areas, maritime transport or tsunami awareness represent today truly strategic issues for many countries and future priorities elsewhere.

And what about Portugal’s action on Ocean Literacy? What are the initiatives, who are they targeting, who promotes them and for what purpose? Are we reflecting on the impact of our actions? What is the history and evolution of the concept of Ocean Literacy? Do we know its seven principles and new interpretations considering the UNESCO recommendations? And what other international guidelines are there?

The Portuguese Directorate-General for Maritime Policy will coordinate the “Ocean Literacy for All” workshop, where we will travel through the history of Ocean Literacy and challenge the participants to create projects to present to our Shark Tank.

In a highly participatory and collaborative dynamic, we seek to support the creation of concrete Ocean Literacy initiatives with potential for funding under the “SGS #3 - Support for Education Initiatives” application of the EEA Grants Blue Growth Programme.

This is workshop is aimed at teachers and potential promoters of the call, also seeking to answer the main questions of the application process. It will be run by Raquel Costa (coordinator of the Blue School national programme) and Cátia Afonso (DGPM).

The “Ocean Literacy for All” workshop will take place at the Campus of the Infante D. Henrique Nautical School (Av. Engenheiro Bonneville Franco, 2770-058 Paço de Arcos), on January 6, and registration is open until the 23rd December,


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