Open Call SGS #2


Blue Growth Programme supports Initiatives for the Development of Business and Management Skills – Training on Job

Until 30th November 2021, applications are open for €1M support by the EEA Grants to finance initiatives to promote blue economy competitiveness through educational training on job for business and management skills.


Types of projects:

  • Educational training on job for business and management skills improvement (training, coaching, mentoring etc.);
  • Professional internship programmes for SMEs;
  • Training courses;
  • Training in new technologies that represent an innovative factor for the business development;
  • Executive training in leadership and management, team development and collaboration skills;
  • Open innovation training;
  • Training in Intellectual property and IPR management;
  • Tech transfer and collaborative research skills;
  • Female capacity building programmes, with core competencies in business management, team leadership, project management, communication skills etc.


Projects to be supported need to be designed with a focus on management and industrial skills that are one of the main Portuguese SME needs today but also with a view to prepare them to grow. The projects may also include, or be devoted to, technical, management, communication, legal or any other relevant skills identified by large companies operating in the blue economy as a need.


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