Public presentation session of the COAST4US project

Public presentation session of the COAST4US project

Application of the COAST tool to the Portuguese coast

On May 25th, the official presentation session of the COAST4US project was held. This project aims to contribute to a more efficient mitigation of coastal erosion problematic, by providing decision-makers with more and better information for decision-making, by simulating scenarios of coastline evolution before the execution of a given intervention, as well as its cost-benefit ratio in relation to the current situation.

The opening session was attended by Susana Ramos, Head of the National Focal Point of the EEA Grants and Sandra Silva, Programming Services Director of the Directorate General of Maritime Policy, operator of the Blue Growth Programme. Both congratulated the official kick-off of this project, reinforcing the importance of the existing partnerships, namely with research institutions. Although being a project financed by the Programme in the business area, the synergies between knowledge, innovation and business in the maritime sector are fundamental in leveraging the blue economy.

Besides the presentation of the project, the session was attended by speakers of excellence who shared their experience in coastal areas management. Therefore, a very participative debate was held which focused on the benefits of coastal areas and how important it is to protect them.


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