Small Grants Scheme #1 - Growth Startups


Launched alert to entrepreneurs. Until 29 May 2020!

Applications are open to Small Grants Scheme #1 – Finance initiatives for business growth in startups enterprises, under Blue Growth Programme.

This call is intended to finance initiatives that promote the growth of startups, namely to develop, apply and market innovative products and technologies.

This call will also promote cooperation between enterprises and research institutions, in order to foster user-driven research-based innovation.

To increase the value creation and competitiveness of Portuguese companies, a range of sectors will be supported, such as: fisheries / aquaculture (development of innovative products and technologies), commercial ports, ocean renewable energy sector, maritime industry, including technologies, maritime transport, offshore infrastructure, robotics, deep-sea resources and mapping technologies, shipbuilding (product development and innovative technologies), blue biotechnology and environmental monitoring and maritime surveillance.

The main objective is to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of Portuguese companies in the context of Blue Growth.

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