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International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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EEA Grants: 829.675,00€

Total Amount: 976.088,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0097



Bivalves are the most sustainable source of animal protein as these are low-trophic level species. Besides, and particularly clams, are well appreciated by consumers due to their great taste and nutritional benefits associated with their consumption.

In the recent past, due to the frailties that hamper clams' European autochthonous mass production, namely Ruditapes decussatus and Venerupis corrugata, they have been largely replaced in the market by the low-value Asian invasive species. Yet, due to its high gastronomic, nutritional, and higher economic value, European native species' demand is evident within producers and consumers and both large-scale production and supply capacity is lacking.

In this context, ATLANTICLAM project will bring innovative solutions that will impact clams' value chain from “farm to fork” through the development of: i) highly scientific selective breeding program, to produce more resilient and high-value clam elite stocks; ii) an operations model to ensure eficciency, integration and digitalization of the supply chain; iii) a portable biotoxins test to monitor algae blooms; iv) a QR-code consumer interface allowing product traceability along the value chain; and v) new products (chilled clams) and sustainable packaging.

With this totally disruptive aproach to the production and commercialization of high-value bivalve varieties using aquaculture, the ATLANTICLAM project aims to create an all-year round reliable consumption of sustainable, healthy and tasty European clams, contributing to tackling climate change and providing a new income source for the blue economy.