Blue Control Centre

Blue Control Centre

Promoter: Ubiwhere, S.A.


University of Agder

Landbasert Akvakultur Norge

EEA Grants: 793.870,00€

Total Amount: 933.965,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0104



Connectivity is becoming a fundamental asset for every sector. Many experts have stated that the next industrial revolution enables everything to be connected and a part of a nuclear, value-driven, highly technological ecosystem. Aquaculture is a very demanding process since it requires a fully balanced and healthy ecosystem. Changing one of the many parameters in a fish tank can have tragic consequences if done wrongly.

It is proposed to connect aquaculture to a platform that allows real-time decision making and impact measurement of the necessary indicators in fish tanks. Such a platform must be deeply rooted on best of breed sensors and telecom grade networks to allow for highly precise, real-time measurements. In this sense, Ubiwhere is partnering with two Norwegian entities to create a connected, edge computing aware platform to aid the day to day operations of aquaculture sites. Such a platform builds upon the vast experience that Ubiwhere has in other sectors ranging from cities to telecommunications.

From the operational standpoint, Blue Control Centre excels in creating the basis for: (1) connect aquaculture to remote decision making; (2) act in real-time; (3) learn from past decisions; and (4) expand the business more easily.