Blue Games

Promoter: Lufinha - Unipessoal, Lda.


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EEA Grants: 20.992,00€

Total Amount: 24.697,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0054



The Blue Games are all about bringing together a selection of teams of students from several candidate schools, in a worldwide unique and pioneer event format, that gives them the opportunity to show what they have learned and know about the Ocean, through healthy competition with team games focused on the several areas of Ocean literacy. Associated with a national communication plan, capable of reaching and influencing society, it is intended to educate and change behaviour for the future of the planet.


Project activities include:

  •  Creation and development of several challenges, which include: identification of sea fish species from Portuguese waters, rigging of a laser boat sail, replication of some knots used in nautical activities, litter separation, stand up paddle and kayak relay races, sailing regattas and an Ocean literacy quiz (with themes such as blue jobs, pollution, sports, nomenclature, fishing, science or personalities).
  • Preparation and simulation of the challenges.
  • Realization and dissemination of the Blue Games event.