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Marine forests are among the most iconic coastal habitats, supporting high biodiversity, capable of providing many essential ecosystem services and supporting blue growth.

The coast of Northern Portugal is home to several cold-adapted seaweed species, considering the local features of Iberian upwelling which provide cold, nutrient-rich oceanic water during the summer. However, there are reports of loss and fragmentation of these populations, most likely linked to climate change, and is urgent to understand its causes and to support preservation efforts. Researching and finding the mechanisms of this depletion is even more important as the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula is home to a unique genetic pool of marine forests that could be lost forever.

The BlueForesting project will investigate the processes that drive seaweed responses to multiple climate change drivers. As a result of the project, it will provide science-based recommendations and guidelines for the protection and restoration of marine forests and the ecosystem services they provide, including the identification of species and climatic refuge areas.

O projeto BlueForesting vai investigar os processos que originam a resposta das algas a múltiplos fatores de mudança climática. Como resultado do projeto, serão ainda formuladas recomendações e orientações baseadas na ciência para a proteção e restauro das florestas marinhas e dos serviços ecossistémicos que fornecem, incluindo a identificação de espécies e áreas de refúgio climático.