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EEA Grants: 600.473,00€

Total Amount: 706.439,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0080



BREEDFLAT project aims to improve the performance of flatfish breeders by strengthening their immune system, widely affected during the breeding season, providing essential nutrients for reproduction.

The project focuses on 3 species of flatfish, important for the diversification of European aquaculture, namely Senegalese sole, turbot and Atlantic halibut.  Innovative approaches will be used to assess the effects of diet to promote more competitive and sustainable production of eggs and larvae. To this end, specific feed for breeders will be developed, considering each species’ nutritional requirements, and a set of tools will be developed to characterize the performance of their reproductive and immune systems.

The goal is to produce more robust juveniles through a better nutrition for breeders, contributing to a new generation of breeders produced in captivity. These bases will provide a more sustainable aquaculture diversification with high-priced commercial species, and with benefits for fish farms and feed producers in Europe.