Promoter: S2AQUAcoLAB - Laboratório Colaborativo em Aquacultura Sustentável e Inteligente


ACUINOVA - Atividades Piscícolas, SA

Viveiros da Espargueira, Actividades de Aquacultura S.A.

Riasearch Unipessoal, Lda.

EEA Grants: 58.747,75€

Total Amount: 69.115,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0110



CaptAqua promotes aquaculture development through the training of human resources in the areas of business and management skills, as well as technical skills.

CaptAqua's comprehensive plan will address the various training points identified by the industry in this sector as currently challenging.

The objectives will be achieved through a set of training courses aimed at promoting the qualification of senior and mid-ranking technical staff of companies in the aquaculture sector in Portugal, as well as in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Training will be given through digital platforms or in person, depending on the specific objectives and contents of each course. Organizational development, networking and management skills, foreign languages, as well as technical skills in aquaculture will be considered. Training in technical skills will focus on critical aspects for the production and enhancement of the product and keeping up with recent technological developments.

In this way, CaptAqua responds to the growing need for training in aquaculture industry in order to enable the development and increase in the competitiveness of Portuguese companies in Europe and in the blue economy.