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Universidade de Aveiro

EEA Grants: 172.851,00€

Total Amount: 203.354,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0016



Around the world, coastal areas are regarded as places of social and economic prosperity. However, the coast is also exposed to serious threats. Coastal erosion is one of the main risks associated with coastal areas. This phenomenon can cause high losses, with a particular focus on urban fronts.

The COAST4US project aims to contribute to a more efficient mitigation of this problem, by providing more and better information for decision-making, through the simulation of scenarios of evolution of the coastline before the execution of a given intervention, as well as its cost-benefit ratio compared to the current situation.

Thus, the project aims to develop a study on the technical and economic feasibility of applying the COAST tool - cost-benefit analysis software for coastal interventions. This is an innovative and unique model on the market able to perform cost-benefit analyses on coastal defense interventions and that allows its effective planning. To this end, the COAST tool will be applied to several stretches of the Portuguese coast that face coastal erosion problems, contributing not only to better future coastal management, but also a fundamental contribution to the present coastal management.