Promoter: CorPower Ocean Portugal, Lda.


OPS Composite Solutions, A.S.

EEA Grants: 392.400,00€

Total Amount: 461.647,00€



The oceans represent the world’s largest untapped source of renewable energy and by 2050 ocean energy could provide 10% of Europe’s current electricity needs.

COMPACT project aims to: i) improve the performance and reduce the price of wave energy technology, thus contributing to its quicker commercialization; ii) actively contribute to the Portuguese Industrial Strategy for Ocean Renewable Energies and promote jobs and growth in the region.

To achieve its objectives, COMPACT project will develop, test, manufacture and certify an innovative light-weight pressure cylinder (composite), a core component of the wave energy converter’s (WEC) pre-tension system. By making the WEC significantly lighter and using cheaper materials and production technology, this solution will lead to both increased energy efficiency and decreased cost of energy.