Promoter: Composite Solutions Lda


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EEA Grants: 62.664,55€

Total Amount: 73.723,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-113



The project aims to reinforce the competitiveness of the Promotor in the blue economy sector through job training and the development of business and management skills.

Thus, it is intended that human resources have specific training in the marine area and are able to increase their individual skills, making the company stronger and more competitive.

The increase in training should condition the motivation of human resources to remain in the company, contributing to a situation of stability and retention of talent.

The ComForMAR project has as its theme the implementation of training in the technical area of composites, in intellectual, industrial and design property protection, in language learning, thus allowing a greater capacity for communication and interaction with the outside world. Training in boat driving, training with equipment necessary for working in the maritime sector, such as handling overhead cranes or training in business management and human resources management for human resources in the management area, are also contemplated.